The YouTube video with most dislikes is now from … YouTube

The hit Baby from Justin Bieber has been thrown off the throne as the video with the most dislikes on Youtube.That dubious honor now goes to the video platform itself. The above video, the annual overview of YouTube, has since today exceeded 10 million dislikes. In 8 days time while it is at Baby 8 years.

Critics say that the video, which should contain references to typical YouTube moments from 2018, is full of misses. For example, crucial YouTube moments of last year and popular faces of the platform would not be seen in the video. And what can be seen is also being criticized. According to users, YouTube does not know what is going on in its community and the platform would have made the video so as to keep advertisers happy.

“I do not recognize at all creator in this video. Where are our familiar faces? “, Is a question that comes back a lot in the reactions.” YouTube really has to stop being something they are not, “is another reaction.

The video starts with Will Smith, a well-known actor, but only active for a year on the video platform. He refers to the popular game Fortnite, in a somewhat forced way. “Will really has never Fortnite played, why does he say this and is this so uncomfortable? “, some users respond.

The presence of the most popular gamer on streaming platform Twitch Ninja is also being criticized. The streamer is not known by YouTube, but by Twitch. “Why is Ninja visible in this video?”

Why it is and the other is not?

Yes, why do not you think Ninja, and the most popular YouTuber PewDiePie or Shane Dawson (with millions of views per video)? And why is not the reference to the boxing match of KSI and Logan Paul, which was talked about for days, users wonder. Or why is there no reference to the Johny Johny Yes Papavideo, which already has almost 500 million views?

PewDiePies absence shakes a lot of users in the wrong way. In the comments, especially criticism of this choice can be read. PewDiePie is unlikely to be seen due to the controversy surrounding racist and anti-Semitic statements by the YouTube star. PewDiePie, with 75 million subscribers, has now made a video about the Rewind video, in which he criticizes the video. “Rewind was first a tribute to the YouTube Creators. (…) I am glad that I am no longer a part of it, because it is really too cheesy “, he says in the video.

Europe candidate Beer advertises: FDP wants to attend school in other EU countries for all

All students should be able to go to school for at least half a year in another EU country, according to the will of the FDP.

“High school students and students go relatively much abroad,” said FDP Secretary General Nicola Beer of the German Press Agency. “But we just want to reach the broad masses of students, including those in primary and secondary schools as well as vocational schools.” The 48-year-old lawyer moves into the European elections for the FDP as a top candidate. At the end of May, a new European Parliament will be elected.

Everyone should get a chance to go to school abroad, regardless of their financial circumstances, according to the dpa's draft of the FDP European Election Program. The Federal Board recently approved the paper. Until the adoption on January 27th at the European Parliament Day, amendments are still possible at the request of party arrangements.

“That brings the young man an awful lot,” said Beer. «To move in a completely different environment, to get to know the local culture, to taste, to smell, to touch, to take a speech shower. That contributes to raising awareness. »

Financial support for the exchange should come from the EU budget, according to the will of the Free Democrats. “We want to spend more money on programs like Erasmus + and that on students too,” said Beer. “After all, in the EU budget we want to redirect towards education and innovation.” The party wants to spend less in the agricultural budget and subsidies for farmers.

In order to facilitate the way to other European countries, according to the will of the FDP, the recognition of the learning content there should also be improved. “At the moment there is the recognition of degrees,” said Beer. “But there is great uncertainty for parents when it comes to recognizing the learning performance of their children in other EU countries when they change during school time or even in the middle of the school year.” It is not about a unification but about comparative values, that facilitate recognition. Education policy is the responsibility of the Member States in the EU.

Apprentices should also benefit from the “freedom of education”. “If someone has completed three months of vocational training in France, he should not have to catch up here, but should be recognized for his training period,” demanded Beer. In the long run, a European Training Agency should provide vacancies in other states. Studying abroad should, according to the program, be made easier by a “European online application portal”.

Also, to facilitate mobility, the FDP advocates promoting language skills “from kindergarten to old age”. “We promote that EU states place more emphasis on every child learning two foreign languages,” Beer said. “Here in Germany we are on a good way. Many schools already offer that. “In addition to English, this should be the language of a neighboring country, according to their party's ideas.

Team sprinters reign supreme at world cup track cycling

The Dutch team sprinters have also won gold in London after their victories at the World Cup track games in Paris, Milton and Berlin.

Roy van den Berg, Harrie Lavreysen and Matthijs Büchli stayed host to the UK in the final almost one and a half seconds.

The Netherlands, which won gold on the team sprint this year at the European Championships and World Championships, also raced at almost one and a half seconds in the first round of France. Then Jeffrey drove Hoogland instead of Büchli.

Bronze for Braspennincx and Lamberink

With the women, the Netherlands picked up this WB cycle for the first time on the team sprint. Shanne Braspennincx and Kyra Lamberink stopped France from bronze. China beat Germany in the final.

'Best tech companies, I do not want baby advertising after losing my child'

At the same time, Brockell wonders whether Google did not see that she was looking for “braxton hicks vs. preterm labor”; English keywords in a premature delivery. And she asks: “Did you not notice that I was silent on social media for three days, which is unusual for me? Then to put words like” deeply sad “,” problem “and” stillborn “and the two hundred crying emoji's of my friends Is not that something you can follow? “

The message from Brockell is clear. She thinks that advertising giants Facebook (which also includes Instagram), Google and Amazon need to respond better to what people are concerned and when that changes.

A better algorithm

“If your algorithm is smart enough to realize that I was pregnant or that I gave birth, then it must also be smart enough to know that my baby is dead and that I serve the right advertisements”, she writes.

Facebook vice president for ads, Rob Goldman, reacted quickly to her letter. “I am very sorry to hear this and that you have such an unpleasant experience with our products,” he says on Twitter. He then pointed out to her that there is an institution in Facebook with which she can hide such messages.

“Commissioner Computer”: Ex-BKA President Horst Herold died

Horst Herold, longtime president of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), died at the age of 95 years. This was announced by the BKA in Wiesbaden.

“Horst Herold was an extraordinary person, a visionary whose ideas the Federal Criminal Police Office still carry today,” said BKA President Holger Münch. Similarly, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) commented on Herold, whom he called “Commissar Computer”. «The BKA still follows in the footsteps of Horst Herold. His services to the German police and to Germany deserve our great thanks and appreciation, »it said in a statement.

Herold was from 1971 to 1981 BKA president. He is considered the initiator of computer-aided police work and the resulting dragnet investigation. In Herold's term fell the fight against the Red Army Faction (RAF). At first, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on death.

Münch described Herold as the president who had the strongest influence on the BKA. So he was one of the first who demanded the digitization of the German police. Projects such as “Police 2020”, which implemented this today, went back to its basic ideas, according to Münch. In the Wiesbaden authority Herold was not only highly appreciated for his professional expertise, but also because of his many personal contacts. During the difficult times of the “German Autumn” he succeeded in motivating the employees permanently. The courage he had met courageous and determined, said Münch. Among other things, Herold founded the crime scene group of the BKA in order to be able to better evaluate traces.

The former president himself had to live in an apartment within the BKA from 1977 until the end of his term due to the threat posed by the RAF. Under Herold's leadership, the number of BKA employees trebled to around 3,500.

The Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (BDK) described Herold as a “symbolic figure of the fight against the RAF”. Herold had successfully advanced the technical and personnel equipment of the BKA during his term of office and strengthened the authority in the field of forensics. «The German Criminal Police today bows to one of the most formative and innovative criminalists of the post-war period,» said the BDK federal chairman Sebastian Fiedler.

Kromowidjojo also takes gold at 50 meters butterfly at WK

Ranomi Kromowidjojo won her second gold medal at the World Championships swim short course in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. After her success in the 100 meter freestyle yesterday she also won the 50 meter butterfly in a time of 24.47.

Maaike de Waard finished in fifth place in the same final. She tapped in 25.32.

Just like in her previous golden race, Kromowidjojo had a flying start. After 25 meters she already swam in the lead and that lead she built steadily. With 24.47 she was faster than ever and she remained 0.09 above the nine year old world record of Therese Alshammar.

Fourteenth world title

For the 28-year old Kromowidjojo it was already her fourteenth world title, but only the first on the butterfly stroke. However, in 2017 she became European champion on this issue.

YouTube removes 30 million unwanted videos in years

On YouTube there is a constant battle with unwanted videos. Figures that the video platform has shared with the NOS now show that more than 30 million unwanted videos have been removed in a year's time.

In the past quarter, a total of 58 million videos were removed. This involved 7.8 million unwanted videos. The total number is much higher because YouTube removes a complete channel after three violations. Then also videos that do comply with the guidelines disappear.

Since October last year, the video platform publishes reports about the removal of videos. The video platform started with this after the moderation policy had been under attack last year. This was partly because there were advertisements for videos where scarcely dressed children could be seen and where sexually oriented reactions were under. This led to shocked reactions at companies and the removal of advertisements on YouTube.

What is particularly striking in the report is to what extent YouTube depends on technology. The company is investing heavily in the use of artificial intelligence to stop videos, preferably before they are seen by someone. For example, it concerns images that contain pornography or violence.

1.5 million videos reported by people

The company reports that more than 80 percent of the removed videos were detected by the automatic systems, of which three-quarters had zero views when they were removed. But users remain necessary: ​​1.5 million videos were reported by users in the past quarter.

YouTube is not the only company that works with artificial intelligence to counter unwanted videos. Facebook also uses this and says it is very important. Experts do question the dependence on this. The fear is that these systems, especially in videos that do not belong to a certain category, make mistakes.

According to the platforms 99 percent of the terror propaganda is stopped by the smart computers, but hate speech messages are more difficult to detect automatically.

Strasbourg after terrorist attack: Strasbourg assassin “neutralized” by the police

After the heavy terrorist attack in Strasbourg, the French police apparently shot the alleged assassin. The police-known threat Chérif Chekatt had been injured on Tuesday night fleeing the police of soldiers and finally disappeared without a trace. He escaped by taxi. He had opened the fire in the Strasbourg city center on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season. Two people were killed, one victim is brain dead according to official reports, twelve others were injured.

Since the alleged attacker is said to have called “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great) during the act, investigators suspect an Islamist background to the crime. The repeatedly convicted attacker is said to have radicalized himself in prison. The native of Strasbourg with North African roots was imprisoned in Germany for serious theft.

+++ 21:31: Strasbourg assassin of the police “neutralized” +++

The alleged Strasbourg assassin Chérif Chekatt was killed two days after the terrorist attack in the Alsatian metropolis. The confirmed police circles of the German Press Agency on Thursday evening in Paris. The French news agency AFP reported that the 29-year-old had been killed in Neudorf, a neighborhood in Strasbourg. He had shot at police officers who had returned the fire. According to the regional newspaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, he was armed with a firearm and a knife. More details about the event were initially unclear. For 22.00 clock a press conference of the Ministry of Interior was announced.

+++ 17.47 clock: German authority certified Chekatt high criminal energy +++

During his deportation from prison in Friborg, Chérif Chekatt, who was in need of an assassination attempt in Strasbourg, received a high level of “criminal energy”. The conviction for serious burglaries revealed “a personality structure characterized by a ruthless profit-seeking personality” and let assume that he would commit “in the future crimes of similar nature and gravity”. This emerges from the order of the regional council Freiburg for deportation from custody. The letter of 26 November 2016 is available to the German Press Agency. h the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe determined in the case.

+++ 17:18: More arrests in the environment of Chérif Chekatt +++

The investigators have detained another suspect from the alleged assassin Chérif Chekatt. He does not belong to the family of the suspected assassin. Thus, a total of five suspects are in custody, confirmed the prosecutor of the German Press Agency in Paris. It was initially unclear whether the action in Strasbourg was linked to the arrest.

+++ 17:04: Police action in Strasbourg apparently ended inconclusive +++

The police apparently withdraw their anti-terrorism forces from Strasbourg's Neudorf district – apparently without result. However, on-site observers emphasize that the authorities are currently not giving details of the purpose of the action. The hope that the two-day wanted assassin Chérif Chekatt could be caught, has apparently not been confirmed.

+++ 16.05 clock: EU summit begins with minute of silence for the victims of the Strasbourg attack +++

The 28 EU Heads of State and Government thought of the victims of the alleged terrorist attack in Strasbourg at the beginning of their summit in Brussels. “First a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the Strasbourg attacks,” wrote the spokesman for EU Council President Donald Tusk in the short message service Twitter. French President Emmanuel Macron said: “It was not just France that was hit – a French city, our citizens – but it was just as big a European city that was killed a few days ago.”

+++ 15:42: Operation in Strasbourg district Neudorf running +++

At the moment, there is a major anti-terrorist operation in Strasbourg's Neudorf district. On TV pictures of the station BFMTV numerous emergency vehicles can be seen. Other media report on the use. The reason for the use is not yet clear, it is said. Information from the police was initially not available. In Neudorf, not far from the city center, the alleged perpetrator had dropped off immediately after the attack with a taxi and was then disappeared. Nearby is also his apartment, which had been searched.

+++ 12.31 clock: Federal Prosecutor's Office initiates proceedings against suspected Strasbourg bombers +++

The Federal Prosecutor's Office has been involved in the investigation of the alleged Strasbourg assassin Chérif Chekatt. On Wednesday, a lawsuit against Chekatt for murder, attempted murder and dangerous bodily injury has been initiated, a spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe authority said the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. The Federal Prosecutor's Office had taken up the investigation because of the special significance of the case.

Another reason is that the attack on the Christmas market had affected six Germans, even if they had not been injured. The people from Germany are traumatized, said the spokeswoman for the Federal Prosecutor. She stressed that the investigation continues to be the responsibility of the French authorities.

+++ 12.19 clock: Dresden Palace of Culture shines in French national colors +++

After the attack in Dresden's French sister city Strasbourg, the Palace of Culture lights up in the Saxon capital in the French national colors. Dresden set a visible sign of mourning and sympathy, said the city on Thursday. From late afternoon to evening, the culture palace in the city center is illuminated in blue-white-red.

+++ 12.07 clock: number of deaths of the assassination of Strasbourg rises to three +++

After the attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, the death toll has risen again. As the anti-terror prosecutor announced on Thursday in Paris, another person succumbed to his serious injuries. Thus, three people were killed in the attack on Tuesday night, another victim is brain dead. According to the prefecture in Strasbourg, twelve more people were injured, four of them seriously.

Meanwhile, the search for the alleged assassin was running at full speed. Hundreds of civil servants were deployed in both France and Germany to track down the Frenchman.

+++ 11.12 clock: Chérif Chekatt was loud “picture” allegedly in his apartment when the police came +++

The “Bild” newspaper (here the link, behind the payment barrier) announces a new detail on the suspected Strasbourg assassin Chérif Chekatt It is about a police operation on Tuesday morning, so a few hours before the assassination, in which Chekatt and three other people had arrested – because of attempted murder. According to the newspaper, Chekatt and his accomplices were at home, contrary to earlier accounts. So far, they had said they had not been there. But Chekatt was able to escape, writes the “Bild” now and refers to information from security circles. A confirmation for this message is not yet available.

+++ 8.38 clock: Swiss use in terrorism – police give the all-clear +++

In search of the assassin of Strasbourg, there was a police operation in Switzerland near the German border, but the cantonal police Aargau gave the all-clear. A traveler had said on Thursday morning at Rheinfelden the suspicion that the wanted was in their train, said a police spokesman for the German Press Agency. The police had taken the man at the next stop in Frick about ten kilometers south of Bad Säckingen in Baden-Württemberg from the train and thoroughly checked. She quickly realized that the man was not the suspect. Such inserts for clues of passers-by or passengers give it every day, the spokesman said.

+++ 3.54 clock: police from Germany and France hunt assassins of Strasbourg +++

The serious terrorist attack in Strasbourg is more than a day ago – and is still looking for the alleged assassin, officials from France and Germany are in action. The French police published a mug shot of the suspected assassin Chérif Chekatt, including the description of the perpetrator. South German federal police stations, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Swiss Federal Police also distributed the call of the Police National on Wednesday evening on Twitter. The police are looking for witnesses.

The call states: “The man is dangerous, please do not intervene”. The wanted is 29 years old, 1.80 meters tall, have short hair, maybe beard and have a scar on the forehead. The repeatedly convicted attacker is said to have radicalized himself in prison. The native of Strasbourg with North African roots was imprisoned in Germany for serious theft.

Federal Police Tweet Cherif

News of the December 12 attack in Strasbourg:

+++ 21:37: Chérif Chekatt received shortly before the fact call from Germany – investigators alerted +++

The alleged assassin of Strasbourg Chérif Chekatt was called immediately before the act from Germany. The rbb has learned that according to own data from security circles. He did not answer the phone. It is unclear who has called him and whether the call is related to the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market. German investigators are now intensively investigating this question. The call is another indication that Cherif Chekatt has connections to Germany. In 2016, he was sentenced to a prison sentence in Germany by the District Court of Singen, after he had broken into a pharmacy in Engen in Baden-Württemberg and a dental practice in Mainz. In 2017 he was expelled to France by the German authorities and given a re-entry ban.

+++ 19:41: Publicity investigation of the French police after Chérif Chekatt – new wanted photo +++

After the attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, the French police are now looking in public for the suspect Chérif Chekatt. The police issued an official search call with a photo that evening, asking them to help find the 29-year-old. Even German investigators are searching under pressure for the alleged Islamist, who was already in prison in Germany.

+++ 19:25: Strasbourg in silent memory of the victims of the previous evening +++

In Strasbourg, around 24 hours after the deadly assassination attempt at the Christmas market, candles are lit for the victims of the shooter Chérif Chekatt. Life in the city is slowly recovering, writes this Strasbourg citizen, although the city center is still full of police and journalists.

+++ 18:34: Merkel “deeply shaken” – Condolence letter to Macron +++

In a condolence telegram to France's head of state Emmanuel Macron, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has “deeply shaken” by the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market shown. “We mourn for the people who were so suddenly killed, and are with our thoughts with the injured and the relatives of the victims,” ​​Merkel wrote the day after the assassination. “On behalf of the Federal Government, I express our deepest sympathy to the French people,” continued Merkel. “In these difficult times Germany is firmly on the side of France.”

+++ 17:19: Manhunt in Bavaria +++

After the terrorist attack in France, the Bavarian police are also searching intensively for the perpetrator. “This is how we support our French counterparts in the search for a criminal offense – for example, we have intensified our checks on veiling, especially in the direction of Baden-Württemberg,” said Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) of the German Press Agency in Munich. In the area close to the border, the Bavarian border police, in particular, are also intensively monitoring vehicle traffic for suspicious persons.

The undated photo, provided by the French police, shows Cherif C., the fugitive, allegedly Islamist, assassin of the Christmas market in Strasbourg

The undated photo, provided by the French police, shows Cherif C., the fugitive, allegedly Islamist, assassin of the Christmas market in Strasbourg

So far, the motivational position of the assassin and the concrete trigger of the act have not been finally clarified. “He is regarded as an Islamist threat in France, which is why an Islamist background to the crime is possible,” emphasized Herrmann. The danger of Islamist attacks in Europe was not banished.

+++ 17:03: Macron calls in the face of crisis political restraint +++

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for political restraint in view of the “Yellow West” crisis and the attack in Strasbourg. Current events demanded rest and moderation from any responsible political leader, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said Wednesday after a Cabinet meeting chaired by Macron.

The situation in Strasbourg is at the center of attention of the President, said Griveaux. Nevertheless, Macron had wanted to meet in the afternoon representatives of French and foreign companies.

+++ 17:02: attackers from Strasbourg was also criminal in Luxembourg +++

The alleged assassin of Strasbourg has also been criminal in Luxembourg. His DNA was found in an attempted burglary in 2012 at the scene, said a spokesman for the government in Luxembourg on Wednesday. After that, a criminal case against Chérif C. was also initiated. However, a summons could not have been delivered to the man because his place of residence was unknown at that time, said a spokesman for the Luxembourg judiciary.

+++ 16:33: Highest alert and mourning in Strasbourg +++

Armed police and soldiers in the historic center, closed concert and theater halls, a closed and deserted Christmas market: One day after the attack on the Christmas market with three dead and 13 injured in Strasbourg on Wednesday high alert. At the central Kleber square with its high Christmas tree, the ice rink, which was specially set up for the Advent season, was closed. Some citizens have laid candles and flowers for the victims.

At the famous cathedral of the Alsace metropolis, the death bell rang for ten minutes at noon. In the plenary hall of the European Parliament and in the Paris National Assembly, the deputies commemorated the victims of the attack in a minute's silence. At the public buildings of the Alsace metropolis, the flags were at half-mast. A representative of the Grand Mosque scourged a “mean, cowardly and barbaric act” and called on Muslim believers to pray for the victims at the traditional Friday ceremony.

+++ 16.30: Detailed information about the victims announced +++

Among those killed is a 45-year-old tourist from Thailand, as confirmed by the State Department in Bangkok. After media reports, he died by a shot in the head. Six people suffered very serious injuries. According to the current state of knowledge, Germans are not among the victims, said the Foreign Office.

An Italian journalist is in a coma, said the father of his partner in Italian media. He could not undergo surgery because a projectile is in the vicinity of the skull and spine.

+++ 3:33 pm: Macron: terror still at the heart of the nation's life +++

French President Emmanuel Macron recalled the horrors of terror in his country following the attack in Strasbourg. “The terrorist threat is still at the heart of our nation's life,” government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux quoted the president on Wednesday in Paris after the cabinet meeting chaired by Macron.

The thoughts were this morning with the victims, their families and loved ones, said Griveaux. In addition, think of the Strasbourg. They should know that the French and the government members are with them now.

+++ 15:13: Authorities in Germany: security plans for Christmas markets sufficient +++

Even after the attack in Strasbourg, most provincial authorities feel well prepared to protect German Christmas markets. “Everything stays as it was,” said a spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior on Wednesday. Even a spokesman for the Schleswig-Holstein state police sees no reason to change anything: “Stroke scenarios with easy-to-procure vehicles, with knives, stab or even firearms are in our security concepts,” he said in Kiel. Similar statements were made from Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Baden-Württemberg. Brandenburg and Rhineland-Palatinate, on the other hand, increase the number of police.

+++ 15:09: intensive search for Strasbourg attackers in France and Germany +++

In France, according to the Interior Ministry, police officers, special forces and soldiers of the anti-terror forces participated in the search for the Strasbourg citizen. They do not rule out that he could have come to Germany. The Federal Police therefore searched “with increased strength” in the German-French border area. She assumes that the man is still highly dangerous.

+++ 15:09: arrests on A1 were false alarm – men again free +++

The police stopped a taxi with a French license plate on the A1 near Bremen and temporarily detained three people. The reference to the taxi had come from citizens who had been alarmed by the news of the attack on a Christmas market in Strasbourg, as a police spokesman in Delmenhorst on Wednesday announced. “The people were unrelated to the assassination in Strasbourg and are on the loose again,” said the spokesman. Even a thorough search of the taxi by forensics officers revealed no evidence of suspicion.

According to witnesses, one of the taxi inmates is said to have worn a mask. “None of the three men was masked,” the police spokesman now clarified. All three are resident in France, two of which have French and one Moroccan citizenship. The goal of the trip was Bremen. The police did not know why the men were traveling in a taxi.

+++ 14:44: Endangered with a long criminal record +++

Identified, but still on the run: The attacker of the Strasbourg Christmas market is said to be the 29-year-old Frenchman Chérif C. The man is considered radicalized and has a long criminal record.

C. was born in 1989 in Strasbourg. There he grew up with six siblings, as “Focus Online”, citing the District Court Singen reported. Until the age of 16, he went to school and achieved a “comparable to the Hauptschulabschluss degree”. After school, he had been employed “at the community”, he had not completed an education. Since 2011 he is unemployed.

Since 2016, he has been led by the French anti-terror authorities as a threat. The intelligence services became aware of him during a period of imprisonment from 2013 to 2015 for violence, religious radicalization and his conversionist sentiment.

+++ 14:13: Again canceled games in France's football league +++

Also for the coming matchday in the first French football league two orders have been dropped at the direction of the authorities. The matches Nice against Saint-Etienne (Friday) and Nantes against Montpellier (Saturday) will not take place as planned. That told the Ligue 1 on Wednesday and referred to the load on the police elsewhere – without mentioning the terrorist attack in Strasbourg or the expected new demonstrations of the “yellow vests” explicitly. Last weekend more than half of all scheduled first division matches in France had already been canceled because of the demonstrations. These have already been rescheduled for March 15 and 16, 2019.

+++ 14 clock: Search for assassins and brother – controls in Germany +++

The Federal Police are looking for the terrorist attack in Strasbourg after the suspect Chérif C. and his brother Sami. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Federal Police Directorate Koblenz on Wednesday. For this reason, since the early morning, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate have been subject to increased controls in the 30-kilometer area on the border with France. Motorists would have to adjust to possible delays due to vehicle checks.

+++ 13.31 Clock: CDU politician Schuster calls Strasbourg European Counter-Terrorism Center +++

The CDU interior politician Armin Schuster (CDU) calls as a consequence of the attack of Strasbourg a European counter-terrorism center on the German model. “Terror is not limited to one country,” said the chairman of the Amri Investigation Committee the newspapers of the editorial network Germany. “It's at least a European problem, and Strasbourg is a prime example.”

Therefore, in addition to the common German anti-terrorism center, a European needed, said Schuster. The CDU politician therefore proposed to convert Europol into a European Criminal Police Office and to expand its terrorist powers. “Then the intelligence services would have to come in.” He also warned to continue to invest in the federal police.

+++ 13:23: Investigators start from terrorism background at Strasbourg attack +++

The investigators assume that the terrorist attack in Strasbourg is deadly. Witnesses to the Strasbourg attack have heard the attacker call “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great), said Paris anti-terror prosecutor Rémi Heitz in Strasbourg.

Given the destination, his approach and the testimony, the anti-terror department of the Paris prosecutor's office have taken over the investigation.

+++ 13.13 Clock: prosecutor: Strasbourg attacker killed with Messer +++

During his attacks in downtown Strasbourg, the suspect Chérif C. had a handgun and a knife. “On his way he has repeatedly opened the fire with a handgun and used a knife with which he has killed and seriously injured,” said the Paris counter-terrorism prosecutor Rémi Heitz in Strasbourg.

+++ 12.57 clock: Prosecutor: Perpetrators called according to witnesses “Alluha Akbar” +++

The attacker from the Strasbourg Christmas market, according to witnesses, has called “Allahu Akbar” (God is great). The competent prosecutor Rémy Heitz said at a press conference in Strasbourg. Among other things, therefore, the anti-terrorism department of the Paris prosecutor's office have drawn the investigation.

+++ 12:35: Press Conference of the prosecutor's office: Four “acquaintances” arrested – suspect comes from Strasbourg +++

According to prosecutor Rémy Heitz, four acquaintances of the alleged assassin, who is said to be Chérif C. C and come from Strasbourg, were arrested during the night.

Commenting on the suspect's profile, Heitz said he was born in Strasbourg and was known to both the police and the court, mainly for violent attacks and burglaries. Twenty-seven court sentences were issued against the suspect, “almost always” in France, but also in Germany and Switzerland.

According to the prosecutor, the suspect is said to have radicalized during his imprisonment and since 2015 to be a “religious zealot”. Corresponding intelligence services would therefore have monitored him.

The alleged assassin, who had been stopped by four military and injured in a gunfight on the arm, was still fleeting. Whether the 29-year-old was the sole culprit or had accomplices, is currently being determined.

+++ 12:35: Press Conference of the prosecutor: perpetrators continue on the run +++

The suspect has not yet been caught, prosecutor Rémy Heitz at a press conference. Two people were killed in the attack, a third person is in mortal danger due to head trauma. In addition, 13 people were injured, six of them seriously. Previously, there were three deaths.

+++ 12.24 clock: Strere checks on German-French border after attack +++

After the attack in the festively decorated center of Strasbourg, security measures along the German-French border have been tightened. This concerns border police control and investigation measures, said a spokeswoman of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin, without giving details. At the same time, she emphasized that the threat situation in Germany was unchanged. Christmas markets would be in the focus of the security authorities anyway. At the moment there is no reason to strengthen the current measures.

Stricter controls at German-French border after attack

Policemen check cars from Strasbourg for an attack in the area of ​​the Strasbourg Christmas market

+++ 11.46 Clock: Assassin of Strasbourg in Germany not known as a threat +++

The German security authorities are not only involved in the search for the assassin of Strasbourg, but are also looking for his brother. The two French citizens used to live in Strasbourg for information from security circles.

The brothers were classified in France as radicalized and attributed to the Strasbourg Islamist milieu, said a high-ranking security expert the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. In Germany, however, the names of the alleged assassin Chérif C. and his brother Sami C. appear dpa information not in the file for Islamist jeopardy. From security circles it was said that the threshold for a registration in the French “fiche-S file” was significantly lower than for inclusion in the German threat file.

+++ 11.35 clock: Regional administration withdraws correction to victim number: Three fatalities after attack +++

The prefecture has withdrawn her message to the only two dead. It remains with three casualties. Previously, the regional administration had revised the number of victims down and talked about two fatalities.

+++ 11:20: police apparently takes five people in custody +++

According to media reports, French police arrested five people as part of their investigation. This reports, among other things, “Time Online”, citing the radio station France Inter and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. They should have connections to the alleged shooter, who is still volatile. There are no detailed details yet.

+++ 11.17 Clock: “Tagesspiegel”: Also brother of Strasbourg assassin is searched +++

The German security authorities are, according to information from the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” not only involved in the search for the assassin of Strasbourg, but also looking for his brother. The two lived in Strasbourg, as the newspaper reported. The brothers would be classified as radicalized and attributed to the Strasbourg Islamist milieu, said a high-ranking security expert of the newspaper. So far, however, contacts with the Salafist scene in Germany have not been known.

+++ 11:08: Police arrest three people on A1 – false alarm? +++

The police stopped a taxi with a French license plate on the A1 near Bremen and arrested three people. The reference to the taxi had come from citizens who had been alarmed by the news of the attack on a Christmas market in Strasbourg, as a police spokesman in Delmenhorst announced. One of the inmates is said to have been masked. But according to current knowledge, there is no connection to the Strasbourg incident, it was said.

“The situation is currently less than initially thought,” said the spokesman. The taxi will be examined by the forensic team exactly, the three suspects would be heard.

+++ 11:05: prosecutor gives press conference to attack in Strasbourg +++

After the attack in Strasbourg, the prosecutor of Paris, Rémi Heitz, wants to speak to the press today at noon. The prosecution invited to a press conference at 12.00 clock in the district court Strasbourg. Heitz is responsible for anti-terrorism investigations in France. The attack in downtown Strasbourg, with a suspected terrorist background, saw at least two people killed and several injured on Tuesday night.

+++ 10.44 Clock: New information from the prefecture: Two dead and 14 injured in Strasbourg +++

After the attack in the old town of Strasbourg, the prefecture has presented a new balance sheet: There were two dead and 14 injured, the authorities said. Among them were seven seriously injured and seven slightly injured. Recently, the authorities had spoken of three dead and 13 injured. According to initial findings, among the victims are not Germans, as the Federal Government's Crisis Response Center explained.

+++ 10.41 clock: European Parliament commemorates the Strasbourg victim +++

Following the fatal attack on visitors to the Strasbourg Christmas market, the European Parliament has begun its meeting in memory of the victims. “It was a criminal attack on peace,” said Parliament President Antonio Tajani at the start of the session in the French city. “We are on the side of the families of the victims.”

He expressed his sympathy to France after the country has repeatedly been the target of similar acts. However, the power of freedom and democracy will win against violence, crime and terrorism, Tajani said. Therefore, despite the bloody deed, Parliament continued its work. Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades, who was in the European Parliament debate in parliament, strongly condemned the Strasbourg attack.

+++ 10.27 clock: Foreign Office supplements travel advice +++

After the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, the Federal Foreign Office has supplemented its travel advice for France. Travelers were asked to be “extra cautious and to strictly follow the instructions of security forces,” the Foreign Ministry said.

+++ 9.49 Clock: Foreign Office: According to “current knowledge” no Germans among the victims +++

According to the Foreign Office, according to “present knowledge”, no German citizens were among the three dead and 13 injured in the attack in Strasbourg.

+++ 9.41 clock: NRW Ministry: Police shows presence on Christmas Markets +++

After the Strasbourg terrorist attack, the security measures in North Rhine-Westphalia are initially not further increased according to a first assessment of the Interior Ministry. “We instructed our police authorities even before the beginning of the Christmas markets to show significantly more visible presence,” said a ministry spokesman for the German Press Agency in Dusseldorf. This had also been implemented.

There are no concrete indications of attack plans in NRW, but an abstract high danger. “We will observe this very closely as the situation develops,” said the spokesman for the Interior Ministry. If necessary, respond to a changed security situation accordingly

+++ 9.36 Clock: Secretary of State does not commit motive of Strasbourg perpetrators +++

Although anti-terrorism specialists have taken over the investigation in the case of the attack in Strasbourg, the French Ministry of the Interior does not want to commit to a terrorist motive of the offender. A terrorist background is not yet secure at the moment, said the Secretary of State in the Interior Ministry, Laurent Nuñez, the station RTL. The alleged perpetrator was indeed known to the police, but so far not in connection with terrorism. He had been in prison several times and had also been identified as being radicalized.

+++ 9.22 Clock: Ministry of Interior: Location of Strasbourg assassin unclear +++

The French Government does not rule out that the Strasbourg assassin could have fled to Germany. “But what I want to say is that, of course, the border closure was secured immediately and Strasbourg (…) was sealed off,” State Secretary for the Interior Ministry, Laurent Nuñez, told RTL. However, the fact that the perpetrator could have fled to neighboring Germany could not be ruled out.

Three people were killed and 13 injured in the deadly terrorist attack in Strasbourg on Tuesday evening. A man had opened the fire on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season in downtown Strasbourg.

+++ 8.25 clock: Foreign Office tightened travel advice +++

After the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, the Foreign Ministry has tightened its travel advice for France. Travelers were asked to be “extra cautious and to strictly follow the instructions of security forces,” the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

+++ 8:06: alleged assassin was in custody in Germany +++

The alleged aggressor of Strasbourg is, according to information from the German Press Agency, a French citizen with North African roots. The 29-year-old was accordingly sentenced by the district court Singen for serious theft to a prison sentence and was detained in Germany. After serving the sentence, he was deported to France in 2017, as the dpa continued to learn on Wednesday. The perpetrator is still fleeting, according to information from the mayor of the Alsatian metropolis, Roland Ries. The Federal Police controls several border crossings from Germany to France.

+++ Police set up citizen telephone +++

For people who care for their relatives or acquaintances living in Strasbourg or miss someone, the police has set up an information telephone:

+++ 6.50 clock: Thai tourist victims of the attack in Strasbourg +++

The terrorist attack in Strasbourg killed a tourist from Thailand. The Foreign Ministry in Bangkok confirmed on Wednesday that one of the victims was a 45-year-old man who was on holiday in France with his wife. The couple had arrived only a few hours earlier. The woman remained unharmed according to the ministry. According to media reports, the Thai died by a shot in the head.

+++ 6.05 clock: French police is looking with hundreds of officials for assassins of Strasbourg +++

In the search for the 29-year-old were according to Castaners data, among others, 100 employees of the Criminal Police, special forces and soldiers involved. The search was supported by two helicopters. In addition, more forces were sent to Strasbourg. The Federal Police in Baden-Württemberg controlled the border traffic and advised against the perpetrator of a border crossing because of the ongoing search.

+++ 3.13 clock: EU parliamentarians may leave building +++

The deadly attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market has also put MEPs in an exceptional situation. For hours, the people's representatives sat in the parliament building in the city in Alsace. Early Wednesday morning, Parliament President Antonio Tajani told his colleague in the plenary hall that they were leaving the parliament building away from the city center, but only at their own risk. Anyone wanting to get into the city center should do so only in a convoy secured by the police, Tajani said. “It's impossible to get to the center without such a convoy,” he added.

+++ 2.56 clock: daily newspaper can not appear after stop +++

The largest newspaper in Alsace can not appear on the day after the attack with three dead at the Strasbourg Christmas market. That said the editor-in-chief of “Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace”, Dominique Jung, the German Press Agency. The reason for this was that the printers were stopped at security barriers in the city center. Therefore, the sheet could not go to pressure.

+++ 2.53 clock: France increases terror alert level +++

After the deadly attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, the French government has proclaimed the country's highest level of terror alert. As part of the Vigipirate anti-terrorism plan, the warning level was raised to the highest level of “urgency assassination”, as Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said at night in Strasbourg on Wednesday night. So far in France, the second highest level was “Reinforced security – attack risk”.

On all French Christmas markets, security controls would be tightened to prevent imitation, Castaner said.

The location of the action in Strasbourg:

+++ More information and background information on the attack can be found here +++

Clement immediately ends his cycling career

Stef Clement immediately ends his active cycling career. The 36-year-old rider of Team Jumbo-Visma will have a different position within the team and will focus on nutrition and promotion.

Clement was active for the last time at the end of April, during the Tour de Romandie. After that, a back injury played a role. So much so that he has chosen to stop.

Choice of choice

“It's not the way I wanted to end my career, but if you're not sure whether a comeback is justified, you look at alternatives, and after the team offered me this function, I made a choice of intellect,” Clement says.

De Bredanaar defended the colors of Rabobank, Bouygues, Belkin, IAM Cycling and Lotto-Jumbo. In 2007 he finished third at the World Championships time trial and eight years later he captured silver at the European Championships. In 2016 he became 18th in the Tour.

Cabinet is campaigning against fake news in election time

In the run-up to the elections, the government will start a campaign against fake news in February. It must help people recognize disinformation, says Minister Ollogren.

She writes in a letter to the Lower House that she wants to make Dutch people aged 18 and older more aware of the possible presence of disinformation. The campaign is mainly conducted on social media and lasts for about four months, up to and including elections to the European Parliament on 23 May. The Provincial Council elections are on 20 March.


Debates, for example, were distributed around the American and French elections and around the brexit. That came from Russia, among other things. According to Ollongren, fake news campaigns in the Netherlands still had “no major negative impact” on society. According to her, this is due to the strong media system and the varied news offer. The risk is therefore small that “bubble bubbles” arise in which people unilaterally inform themselves, says Ollongren.

Nevertheless, the government believes that people should be alert. New technology makes it increasingly difficult to see whether a video or a photo is real or not. And the threat of misinformation by “certain countries is real”.

Foreign interference

In the forthcoming elections in the Netherlands, the cabinet is keen on foreign interference. It is not the intention itself to give news messages the stamp 'fake news'.

In October, Minister Ollongren had already alluded to the awareness campaign.

Furthermore, next year research will be done into the effects of social media and internet search engines on elections.